Solar Project

Solar Power Monitor

Interested in seeing how much solar power is generated by the Lodi Utilities solar panels shown in the picture below? Click on the Solar Power Monitor to see up-to-date data on energy generated, energy used by the dehumidifier in the well house, and net energy to use elsewhere.

Wellhouse Solar Panels

Lodi harnesses solar power for pump house

Although the use of renewable energy is no new concept for many Lodi residents, Lodi Utilities customers are benefiting from a new application of solar power in the city.

The community-owned utility installed an array of 22 photovoltaic solar panels to help power the utility’s pump house. Each panel is rated at 205 watts, giving the system a total rating of 4.5 kilowatts.

The system is intended to serve renewable energy demonstration purposes and also to help offset the utility’s energy usage. The solar panels have been in operation since the summer of 2008.

An affordable, viable option

The installation provides approximately 5333 KWH of emissions-free electricity each year, or enough energy to power 1-2 energy-conscious homes.

WPPI Energy Services Representative Jim Schieble says that although Lodi Utilities’ system cost approximately $34,697, the average homeowner might spend less than half that for a smaller system. “In addition, incentives from our wholesale power provider, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., helped to offset project costs,” says Schieble. “Solar technology is a good option for any individual or business interested in reducing their carbon footprint.”

Schieble recommends that electric customers interested in learning more about renewable energy projects should start by contacting Lodi Utilities.

Leading the way to conservation

For Lodi Utilities customers, solar project funding may now be easier to come by since the utility and WPPI, committed to increase funding for energy efficiency and conservation programs by more than 300 percent.

Other efforts to conserve in Lodi include the Lodi Utilities Tree Power program, which encourages customers to plant energy-saving shade trees, special rebates on the purchase of compact fluorescent light bulbs, and a biannual fluorescent lamp recycling collection. The utility also offers a number of residential programs through Focus on Energy, a statewide agency providing energy conservation programs.

Other energy-saving measures taken by the city include recent lighting upgrades in the Public Works and equipment shops. An upcoming municipal parking lot lighting project will also help the City to save energy. In addition, the Lodi School District is participating in the WPPI Schools Program, which provides funding for evaluating schools’ energy use and the purchase of energy-saving equipment.

Lodi residents are also leaders through their participation in the municipal utility’s Renewable Energy Program, which allows customers to offset some or all of their energy use with purchases of energy made from biomass, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. Currently, more than 4.3% of Lodi Utilities customers participate in the Renewable Energy Program, comparing favorably to the national average of 1.5 percent cited by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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