Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is required each year by Lodi Utilities.

The trimming of trees that are adjacent to power lines keeps limbs and branches from causing damage to near by power lines during high winds and electrical storms. Linemen work on tree trimming in the winter months when trees are dormant. Tree trimming work is scheduled to begin each year in late November.

Utility customers who choose to do their own tree trimming or opt to hire their own contractor to perform this service will need to notify Lodi Utilities by November 1 of each year. A voice mail message can be left 24 hours a day at (608) 592-3246 or an email may be sent to Please include your name, address where work is to not be performed and daytime phone number.

Customers electing to have trees trimmed understand the work is done at their own expense and are required to have this work completed before January 31 of each year. After January 31, Lodi Utilities will trim all trees remaining in contact with our power lines. Please call the Utility office at (608) 592-3246 if you have questions.