Income-Qualified Programs

Energy plays a vital role in our lives, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for it. When temperatures start to drop, we encourage our income-qualified customers to apply for energy assistance.

Energy Assistance

For some customers, including seniors on fixed incomes, energy expenses can be a financial burden. In fact, there are those right here in our community who cannot afford the energy to meet their basic needs.

For those who cannot afford such an expense, this can lead to difficult decisions about how to allocate their limited resources. Our Energy Assistance Program is designed to help income-qualifying households cover their energy costs and reduce the financial burden that they face.

Home Weatherization

Home Weatherization makes energy-saving measures available to those households faced with limited financial resources and a challenging energy burden. The program funds specific improvements in the home or rental unit that will reduce energy consumption and lower a qualifying household’s energy bills.

Participants will save money over the long-term and benefit from the improvements to the safety and comfort of their home. In addition, Home Weatherization provides benefits to the community, improving housing stock and neighborhood conditions. Energy conservation is good for the environment and the local economy.

2015-2016 Income Guidelines
 Number in Household 3 Month Combined Household Income (Gross)
 1  $6,400
 2  $8,370
 3  $10,339
 4  $12,308
 5  $14,277
 6  $16,247
 7  $16,616
 8  $16,985

If you believe you or someone you know may qualify for energy assistance and home weatherization, the first step is to establish your income eligibility through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP).

To learn more about the WHEAP application process, please contact Columbia County (800) 506-5596 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are typically scheduled between October and May.  The City of Lodi hosts several days of appointments each year.

Home Energy Plus Program