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The City of Lodiís Wastewater Treatment Facility is staffed by state certified wastewater operators. A Compliance Maintenance Report is filed annually with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the facility has consistently received Grade A reports. Recently the State of Wisconsin adopted stringent phosphorus requirements for treatment plants and our facility was chosen to work closely with the Department of Natural Resources as a pilot project for these new reduction requirements.

Rates Effective June 1, 2016

Monthly Service Charge $14.64 
Volume Charge - per 1,000 gallons $9.40

Phosphorus Compliance

The Wastewater Treatment Facility has a design flow of 546,000 gal/day and treats 310,000 gal/day (2013) while meeting the 1 mg/l phosphorus limit. On November 1, 2011, the City of Lodi's WPDES Permit was reissued with a compliance limit of 0.075 mg/l (annual avg) and 0.22 mg/l (monthly avg) total phosphorus by September 30, 2020. The City would have to construct upgrades at the wasterwater treatment facility to meet the new water quality based effluent limit (WQBEL). The Wisconsin DNR also allows alternative, watershed-based compliance options in lieu of treatment facility upgrades. The two alternatives are Adaptive Management and Water Quality Trading. In November of 2012, the City submitted an Operation and Needs Review (ONR) to the DNR indicating the costs of Adaptive Management were less than the cost of upgrading the treatment facility.

WPDES Compliance Schedule
Submit Operations and Need Review October 31, 2012
Submit Facilities Planning Status Report October 31, 2013
Submit Facility Plan October 31, 2014
Refine Facility Plan October 31, 2015
Construction Plan Submittal July 30, 2016
Future Permit Requirements
Comply with Limits September 30, 2020

Upon completion of the ONR, compliance with the future WQBEL by upgrading the treatment facility still remained a far more costly option than pursuing Adaptive Management. In October of 2014, the City submitted a Watershed Adaptive Management Request to the DNR. 2016 Adaptive Management Plan

Phosphorus Adaptive Management

Adaptive Management is the watershed-based option that focuses on stream compliance. The City is currently working MSA to develop an Adaptive Management Plan to be completed by October, 2015.

Adaptive Management Plan Project Scope
Kick Off February 2015
Watershed Monitoring February - November 2015
Rural Watershed Assessment March - September 2015
Urban Watershed Assessment March - July 2015
Barnyard Prioritization March - August 2015
Public Education and Outreach February - August 2015
External Funding Evaluation June - August 2015
Evaluate Multi-Discharger Variance June 2015
Final Report Prepation July - September 2015