Water Department

Rates Effective December 1, 2009

5/8 Inch Meter                                                      $8.00
3/4 Inch Meter                                                      $8.00
1 Inch Meter                                                         $12.50
1-1/4 Inch Meter                                                   $17.00
1-112 Inch Meter                                                  $21.50
2 Inch Meter                                                         $32.00
3 Inch Meter                                                         $52.00
4 Inch Meter                                                         $79.00
6 Inch Meter                                                         $143.00
8 Inch Meter                                                         $218.00
10 Inch Meter                                                       $318.00

Volume Charges
First 13,000 gallons - charge per 1.000 gal         $3.20
Next 320,000 gallons - charge per 1.000 gal       $2.60
Next 1.000.000 gallons-charge per 1.000 gal      $2.20
Next 1.333,000 gallons-charge per 1,000 gal      $3.20

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

Testing for water leaks

If you find your water meter readings higher than normal and you are unaware of the reason for this increase; we encourage you to test for a water leak.

Please take a moment to perform a simple test that can identify one of the most common causes of water leaks within a home, a running toilet. Remove the lid from the tank at the back of your toilet and add several drops of regular household food coloring to the water in the tank. DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. Wait a few minutes. If colored water appears in the toilet bowl, you have a leaking toilet. Usually this means the seals in your toilet need to be replaced.

You should contact a licensed plumber to replace these seals as soon as possible. Waiting even one week can cause thousands of gallons of water to run through your meter. If the toilet test shows that your toilets are not leaking, you may want to have a plumber inspect other areas of your home that may be the cause of water leaks. Even small drips from faucets or yard hoses can be potential causes of large amounts of water being used.

Upon request, Lodi Utilities can also help by investigating the accuracy of your water meter and verifying the attached meter reader located outside your home. All meters are now equipped with radio feeds.  These meters send an accurate reading from the head of the water meter to a hand-held device used by our Meter Readers.

If you have further questions about your water usage or readings; please feel free to contact the Lodi Utilities office during regular business hours.