We are pleased to support a number of community organizations. Each year, the utility selects a group (or groups) to make worthy contributions that will help meet a need in the community. 

Our history of contributions includes:

Food Pantry
Youth Wrestling
Downtown information kiosk
Chamber - new Susie costume
Athletic booster club - track rebuilding fund
Local economic development
Weather Station software for the Elemetary School
Donation to "Every 15 Minutes"
Community Safety Net
Lodi Agriculture Fair
Athletic training room at schools
Grand piano for performing arts center
Fire Department thermal imaging camera
Municipal Sign Project
Community Holiday Lighting Contest
Library donations
Clothing & equipment for EMS
Defibrillators for police squad cars

Our involvement in the community

Being part of the community we serve is a role that Lodi Utilities takes seriously.

As a utility, we work hard to be an active participant by lending a hand in community service projects and offering various educational programs.

We have pledged a strong commitment to, not only our customers, but to our community. Through a number of civic-minded activities, Lodi Utilities has fostered strong relationships that help further our connection to the community.